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News in August

We’re open for Tours and Tastings and you can book online.
If you’d just like some wine, give us a call to fix a time for you to drop by.

So far, the year appears to be going fine. I do not want to jinx it by suggesting anything more yet. Hail, storm and tempest may yet intervene!

We have applied biochar to our study rows and are monitoring what’s going on in those and the control rows. (See our Sustainability page.)

We have applied wood chip mulch under the vines in a sixth of the vineyard so far. This is to keep the weeds down, retain moisture, and feed the soil; as it decomposes, wood chip provides exactly the fungi that vines and other woody shrubs or trees need. We’ll have to keep strimming the rest as necessary – although as we’ve had no rain, there hasn’t been much growth in the grass between rows.

Harvest a mere 8-10 weeks off!