Welcome To Our Tours And Tastings

How it starts …

Come and share some of peaceful, rural Herefordshire from April to the end of September. Our vineyard is tucked into a curve of the Frome River, overlooking beautiful hopyards and cider orchards.

We start the Tour in the winery with a short introduction, and then step outside into our Model Vineyard which demonstrates a selection of trellising methods and grape varieties to show you some of the ways vines are grown around the world. You’ll soon be able to tell your “single guyot” from your “geneva double curtain”!

Then …

On to the Main Vineyard …

… We walk 200 yards across a field into the main vineyard and discuss some of the highs and lows of growing grapes successfully in our climate, how we aim to keep the vines as healthy as we can so as to keep disease control to a minimum, the results of our latest efforts to keep the frost off tender young shoots, and how late we can hang on for the sugar levels to rise for harvest!

Then …

Back for the Tasting

Then it’s back to the winery to taste what is currently available in the shop in a tutored tasting, followed by an opportunity to buy your favourites to enjoy at home.

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The Tour & Tasting takes between 1-2 hours £20 per person.

We look forward enormously to seeing you!

We have plenty of parking in our courtyard. Children and dogs are welcome, but we can only give tastings to 18+ adults – it’s the law!

We are wheel-chair accessible; however, we’re sorry, we do not have a disabled loo in our listed buildings.